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Have you ever stopped to think about how easy life now is, thanks to the latest technology? We use computers to communicate, shop, and pay bills. We can "call" a taxi by tapping on our phone a few times. Technology has changed the way factories make their goods, and the way we get from place to place. It's transformed the world, and it will continue to transform the world. If you are interested in learning more about the wide, wide world of technology, then read the articles on this website. We think they're pretty engaging and contain information you'll enjoy having.


Why Commercial Account Auditing Is Essential

If you run a business, then there is a good chance that you and your employees already focus on proper bookkeeping. After all, it is important to keep track of expenses, profits and other matters related to your company's finances. However, even if you don't think that there is anything wrong with your bookkeeping, it's still a good idea to have an audit done from time to time. In fact, you can even hire an outside company to do an audit of all of your company's bookkeeping for you. Read More 

Advice To Consider When Buying A POS System For Your Business

If you have a business that receives customers daily, you need a way to facilitate their transactions. That's possible when you invest in a POS (point of sale) system. There are many of these systems today, but finding one that works optimally for your operations won't be difficult thanks to this advice.  Opt For User-Friendly Design If your company gets busy a lot throughout the months, then you don't want your employees fiddling with the POS system and struggling. Read More 

3 Ways To Prevent Plug-Ins From Becoming Your Achilles’s Heel

Some content management systems (CMS), like WordPress, are a popular choice for websites not only because they are user-friendly, but because they have infinite plug-ins to extend functionality. If you are not careful, your plug-ins can also create a major vulnerability in your website. Use Reputable Software Many plug-ins for your CMS are free, which does not mean they are unsafe, but it does mean you may need to be more cautious about the creator of the plug-in. Read More 

Managed IT Can Provide Benefits To Streamline Your Operation

Just about every business today needs to use technology in one aspect or another to get the job done. If your company is especially reliant on using computers, servers or networking in your daily operations, you are surely going to run into some tech issues from time to time. While it might be possible to get your current employees to troubleshoot these issues, this might not be the most efficient way to get the job done. Read More 

4 Things Customers Should Understand About Cloud Migration

Whether you are migrating data to the cloud or already have data and want to make a cloud-to-cloud move, it's wise to take the time to understand the process and its implications. Let's examine four issues all cloud migration consulting services providers will discuss with their customers. Public vs. Private / Unsecured vs. Secured A lot of cloud resources are deployed as public-facing properties that don't require many, if any, types of security. Read More