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Helpful Advice When Renting AV Equipment For An Indoor Event

If you have an important indoor event coming up and you're running it, you may need to rent out some audio visual equipment. Whether it's speakers, lighting, or podiums, you can have success renting this specialty equipment by taking this advice into consideration. 

Work With an AV Consultant

If you've never rented out this sort of specialty equipment before, you may be completely lost and not know where to start. In this case, you'll benefit greatly from working with consultant that offers audio visual rental services. They can assess your indoor event and see what particular equipment will be needed.

They'll also recommend a particular quantity amount for every type of AV equipment so that you have everything you need. They can even help you save money on rental AV equipment because of the connections they've made over the years in their career.  

Inspect Equipment Thoroughly

Once you figure out what exact AV equipment you need for the upcoming indoor event, you should spend some time inspecting these items closely. After all, you don't want to be charged for a problem that was already present by the rental company you're working with.

So that this doesn't happen, scan each piece of equipment carefully. Write down any visible signs of damage you see and potential performance issues. You can then report these problems back to the rental company and they'll make a note of them. This way, you're not charged later on down the road for equipment damage.

Go Over Rental Contract

Since you don't own this AV equipment, you will have to sign a contract with the rental company. Before doing so, though, take some time to analyze important components. Start with the rate you're being charged. Does it seem fair based on other rates you've seen from other companies? 

Also, see how long this AV rental equipment is to be in your possession. Knowing the pickup date can help you prepare accordingly and thus not get charged inconvenient late fees. Finally, see what you're liable for if damage happens and determine if there's a way to get insurance on the AV equipment. 

Hosting an indoor event involves a lot of tasks, with one of the most important getting AV equipment like speakers and lighting. As long as you take the right precautions when searching and renting this equipment, you can avoid a lot of roadblocks and help your event come off as professional.