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Your New Building Is Not Finished Until You've Set Up Public Safety DAS Coverage

Building a new structure from the ground up can take a lot of time and money, and perhaps you're looking forward to your new construction finally finishing up soon. But while you've likely already looked into setting up things like building utilities, you may have one additional requirement to take care of if this is a building that will sometimes have members of the public inside of it.

In-building Public Safety DAS Coverage ensures that first responders and other public safety services can communicate with each other in the event of an emergency. Here's why this system is important and why you should make the installation of a public safety DAS system a top priority for your business.

Indoor Wireless Communications Can Let Authorities Communicate When Everything Else is Down

DAS stands for Distributed Antenna System. It is designed to boost wireless signals inside the building or to help someone inside the building communicate more clearly with a wireless signal originating from the outside.

A common example of communication that uses DAS would be a two-way wireless radio. In other words, the exact kind of communication devices that might be used by firefighters, emergency medical responders, or the police. If a major incident like a fire breaks out and you need to call the fire department for help, a DAS installation will ensure that firefighters can communicate with each other while inside the building.

Public Safety DAS May Be Required for Your Business

Regulations for DAS installations are often handled via state building codes, but you should research across the federal and local government levels as well in addition to the state to make sure that your specific business is doing everything by the book. Whether or not your building must meet this requirement could depend on building dimensions or who the building is open to. Failing to meet this requirement could cause you to fail a building code inspection which could possibly shut down your business or lead to bad press.

Public Safety DAS Provides Peace of Mind

Beyond doing it because it's required by law, you should work to make sure that your public safety DAS setup remains functional simply because it's a good way to ensure the safety of your building and the employees or members of the public who come inside. In the event of a fire or any other serious emergency, you'll of course want any first responders to be able to quickly tackle the problem. Being able to communicate wirelessly could provide first responders with the ability to convey critical information that could save someone's life.

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